Sponsorship Features

Sponsorships on CommerceGhana.com are highly customised to enable you to meet your specific needs. Listed below are services from which to choose. Custom services may also be developed.
  • Partner Spotlight – Partners are significant organizations who assist with their reputation and resources to help champion the CommerceGhana cause to streamline and fast-track economic growth in Ghana.  They are featured on the Partners page.
  • Advertising – Various options for advertising exist, including high visibility banner ads, premium sidebar positioning and standard advertising locations. The advertiser can select the pages that the advertisement should be presented.
  • Solution Providers – The website provides guidance for doing business in Ghana on more than 50 topics that businesses need help with.  Sponsors who become a Solution Provider have their logo or company name prominently displayed at the end of relevant topics, so that users become aware of the consultants who can assist them.
  • Business Profile – A sponsor may have a business profile page that provides an overview of the products and services provided and contact information.  For sponsors who opt to be solution providers, this page is linked to their logo on the guidance pages described in the Solution Providers sponsorship.
  • Link to Your Website – Sponsors that opt for a Business Profile page may have it link to their organization’s website.
  • Press Releases – Sent to all registered users and added to the website Press page.
  • Videos – Your video can be the featured video, and listed in the archive.
  • Featured Organizations of the Month – Included under the Press section of the website, sponsors may feature an overview of their organization and the good that they are accomplishing in Ghana.
  • Business Directory Listing – Sponsors may be listed in the Business Directory.


To get started, complete the Sponsorship Registration form.