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Ghana, United States of America

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Bart Jarman
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Vice President
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1955 S. Val Vista Dr., Suite 201
Mesa, Arizona 85204-7307, USA

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Environmental and Political Insurance – UCPM has access to an extensive range of products to ensure that companies are protected against the financial impact of environmental liabilities and political risks. The following is a partial list of the insurance products that are commonly available, although UCPM can also construct customized solutions to fit specific needs.

  • Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Environmental Contractors and Consultants Liability
  • Restoration Contractors Liability
  • Site Pollution / Storage Tanks
  • Transportation Pollution Liability
  • Political Risk Insurance

For nearly 20 years UCPM has been at the forefront in successfully helping insurance agencies throughout the United States match environmental insurance to the needs of their clients. UCPM has now extended its expertise into Ghana, to provide solutions for political risk insurance from several leading international insurance companies.

UCPM provides clients with the following advantages:

  • Expertise – UCPM understands the complexity and challenges in the marketplace, the diversity in coverage forms, and the wide range of available products.
  • Market Representation – UCPM knows the entire marketplace, including the lesser-known carriers. We assemble the best coverage options, no matter how common or obscure.
  • Leverage - We have a significant book of insurance business which allows our agents to enjoy prompt, reliable service.
  • Technology - We provide instant access to online price indications based on the whole marketplace, review multiple quotes, obtain specimen policy forms, and bind coverage.
  • Service - The online system may give us a technological advantage, but our agents also understand that behind the technology are real people committed to great service. We are successful because we are responsive, fast, and easy to do business with. We are committed to ongoing communication and efficient execution that helps ensure our agents make a lasting impression when they present the final insurance products to their clients.
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We are insurance professionals who act as trusted advisors. Expertise, integrity, efficiency, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction are hallmarks of our business culture.