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Accra, Ghana
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14 (9 attorneys)
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Extensive experience with investors from abroad including collaboration with attorneys in the UK and North America.

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Barry Manu
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P.O. Box CT1466 Accra, Ghana

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Good Standing
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Law firm performing extensive work registering new entities and partnerships in Ghana. We are adept at enabling government and business processes within the confines of the law. We also provide intellectual property services, tax advisory, rights (gender, child, human and constitutional), and numerous non legal services to enable our international clients’ success.


The Law Trust Company is excited to be a solution provider and sponsor of  The firm's practice focuses on modern Ghanaian business law and offers comprehensive advocacy and litigation service as well as consultation on all facets of Ghanaian business development law.

The three (3) founding partners have all had extensive experience both on the non-legal and the legal side of corporate and commercial practice as well as wide experience in the public and private domain. Over the years we have developed and sustained a diversified client base to include individuals, companies and Institutions of high standing in all aspects of Ghanaian business including finance, telecommunications, property development, natural resources, environmental, energy, construction and infrastructural development, reputable international non-governmental organization (NGOs) in Ghana and internationally.


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Our strength and resilience arises from our firm belief in modern management practices, confident skilled and qualified professionals capable of penetrating analysis and interpretation of the law utlising our solid reference base which includes a well equipped law library, and access to up-to-date electronics databanks and information technology (IT). Thus our mission is to focus on our constantly enhanced expertise, resources and facilities to meet our client's objectives. We exceed client expectations in a cost effective, diligent and time conscious manner through creative thought, meticulous research and fearless advocacy. Our relationship with clients is a business partnership built on mutual trust and our understanding of the priorities and objectives of clients.

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