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Accra, Ghana
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West Africa

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Emmanuel Lamptey
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Environmental Consultancy & Laboratory Analytical Services
+233(0) 302925172 / +233(0) 244 831 455
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P.O. Box 3797 Accra, Ghana

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IAIA Ghana
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Authorized Agents for the following:

1. Palintest’s water quality products and accessories
2. Aeroqua’s ambient and indoor air quality products


1. Environmental Consultancy services.
2. Laboratory Analytical Services

a. Fertilizer Quality & Guarantee Testing; ERC provides an analytical quality testing and guaranteed analysis for all forms of plant nutrients and fertilizers (i.e., inorganic, organic, liquid, solid, single nutrient, complex fertilizers)

b. Petroleum Testing; ERC Laboratory provides lube oil, fuel, grease and general petroleum products quality analysis for conformance to industry standards.

c. Forensic Drug Screening and Chemical Toxicology; ERC provides the highest standards for analysis and security in forensic toxicology drug testing. We provide unambiguous identification and quantification of specific drug(s) or chemicals.

d. Elemental & Trace Analysis;

We offer analysis for trace contamination of fruits & vegetable crops for quality compliance purposes.

e. Water Profile Assessment and Effluent Modeling & Quality Testing; We provide water column profile sampling for mined out pits, tailings dam, reservoirs, ponds, rivers etc. and laboratory quality testing.

f.  Soil & Sediment Quality Testing: ERC provides chemical evaluation for soil and sediment contamination.

g. Ambient Air Quality Monitoring & Modeling

h. Noise Mapping and Dispersion Modeling

i.  tack Emissions Assessment & Modeling

j.  Environmental Research & Monitoring Studies

k.  Indoor Air Quality Safety Assessment


Envaserv Research Consult (ERC) Ltd. is a Ghanaian limited liability company registered and incorporated to serve both the private and public sector clients and works by integrating engineering, science, and planning to provide environmental services and solutions.

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Mission Statement:
Our responsibility is to know our clients, know their needs, and know how best to meet those needs in cost-effective way.

Value Statement:
We believe that personal and professional integrity is the foundation of trust. Our conduct will always reflect a personal commitment to the highest ethical standards.