Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) outlines the collection of and uses CommerceGhana, LLC (“CG”) makes of non-personally identifying information and personally identifying information received through your interactions with the website.

1.  Changes to the Policy. CG reserves the right to change the terms of the Policy at any time.  The most current copy of the Policy will be found on

2.  Summary. CG collects user information to aid in maintaining the function of the website and to enhance your experience and interaction with the website.  CG will not share personally identifying information with any third party unless required by law.  CG may share non-personally identifying information with third parties as part of its business operations, but such information will be aggregated (added together) and will not contain any information capable of identifying a particular user.

3.  Policy Coverage. The provisions of this Policy cover your interactions with the website.  The website may include various links to third party websites, including various solution providers, sponsors, and other advertisers.  This Policy does not apply to your interactions with these third-party sites, and CG encourages you to review the respective Privacy Policies of those third party sites before providing personally identifying information to them.  Those individuals and companies who submit personally identifying information for the purposes of posting investment opportunities in Ghana acknowledge that CG has, through its site Terms of Use Policy, provided penalties, including the termination of user accounts, to those who repost the personally identifying information associated with a particular investment opportunity listing on a third party site or electronically transmit it to anyone other than their business partners or employees.  Individuals and companies who have posted personally identifying information associated with an investment opportunity on the site acknowledge, however, that CG does not guarantee that such reposting will not occur but that CG will make reasonable efforts to regulate the behavior of the user involved, stop such reposting, and have reposted content removed.  CG also cannot guarantee that individuals and companies posting investment opportunities will not be contacted by third parties associated with site users seeking to market services or products, but asks that CG be notified when such requests occur so that CG can take appropriate user behavior enforcement action.

4.  Ways Information is Gathered. Personally identifying information may be gathered through your voluntary submission of information to the site during creation of a user account or through other interactions with the site, whether through its pages or through electronic or verbal communications, which may include your name, contact numbers, email address, postal address, and other user profile-related information.  Personally identifying information is not gathered unless you knowingly provide it to CG through interacting with the website.  Non-personally identifying information may be gathered in similar ways, and includes Internet Protocol (IP) address, page(s) visited, the time spent on each page, and other visit-related information.  Non-personally identifying information and personally identifying information may also be gathered through the use of cookies, which are data files saved on your computer’s local hard drive that contain various information about what site pages you have visited, various user preferences you have selected for the site, and other items intended to enhance your user experience.  Through the use of your web browser you can control whether you choose to allow cookies to be installed on your local hard drive, which will control some aspects of your user experience.  Other files that function similarly to cookies, including local shared objects associated with Adobe® Flash may be used to collect personally identifying information and non-personally identifying information.  You can control whether local shared objects are used through using the Macromedia Website Privacy Settings Panel at  CG also gathers non-personally identifying information from log files generated by its servers and which are stored in secure locations.  The information from the log files may be used in various aggregated ways to determine various patterns of site usage.

5.  Use of Information. Personally identifying information will be used by CG for CG to communicate directly with you and will not be shared or made available to third parties, except as set forth below and when you as a user choose to post personally identifying information associated with a specific investment opportunity posted on the website or if you choose to use a service from a third party vendor providing services to CG itself, such as a credit card processing company.  Third party vendors are forbidden to use your personally identifying information for any purpose beyond that necessary for them to provide the contracted for service to you and you will be made aware of the identity of the third party vendor at the time the service is provided.  You recognize that if you choose to contact an advertiser on the CG site and provide that advertiser with personally identifying information, that advertiser is not bound by the terms of this Policy.  CG may provide personally identifying information to other vendor companies so that they may perform various contracted for services for CG, such as mailings or statistical analysis, but CG will provide only the information needed for the third party vendor to perform their services.  All vendors are required to safeguard any personally identifying information provided by CG and have agreed not to use any of the information received for their own purposes.  Non-personally identifying information may be used by CG to evaluate site usage patterns and may be provided to potential advertisers and sponsors as part of marketing activities.  CG derives a significant portion of its revenue from advertising, and accordingly shares aggregated non-personally identifying information with current and future advertisers.  CG does not share personally identifying information with these advertisers.  Unless you expressly opt in to receiving communications from third parties, CG will not provide personally identifying information to any other third party to allow them to contact or otherwise solicit you regarding products, services, or other opportunities.

6.  Control of Your Information. You have the ability to change and update your information associated with your user profile, including the personally identifying information.  As part of your user profile, you may, if such features are utilized by CG, have the ability to opt in and opt out of receiving communications from CG directly as well as opt in and opt out of receiving communications from third parties associated with CG.  You have the ability to request that your user account be deleted as well, provided you notify CG in writing of your desire to delete your user account.  CG will complete the deletion process in 30 business days.  

7.  Sale or Bankruptcy. Ownership of CG may change at some point in the future.  Because of this, we want the site to be able to maintain contact with you as it continues operations.  You acknowledge that as part of a transfer of ownership through sale, merger, bankruptcy, or public offering, your information may be shared with the new owner of the site.

8.  As Required by Law. As previously discussed, CG may disclose personally identifying information if required to do so by law or in a good faith effort to comply with what CG believes are the requirements of a law, court order, or legal process served on CG.  CG reserves the right to disclose personally identifiable information to protect or defend its rights or property.

9.  Security. Your information is stored on CG’s servers located in the United States and is stored, handled, and processed using industry standards and technical safeguards designed to protect your personally identifying information from loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure.  A wide variety of security procedures may be utilized as part of CG’s efforts including firewalls, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, internal access controls, and other procedures and systems.  You recognize, however, that CG cannot guarantee a perfect level of security, since such a level is not possible on the internet.

10. Privacy of Children. CG does not collect personally identifying information from children under the age of 13, nor are any persons under the age of 18 or otherwise unable to legally enter into a binding contract in the United States or the Republic of Ghana permitted to create a user profile.  If CG learns that someone under the age of 18 has created a profile and provided personally identifying information, the profile will be deleted immediately.

11.  How to Contact Us.  You may contact CG with questions regarding this Policy by sending an email to  We will review and respond promptly to your question.  You may also contact us at our mailing address at 2152 E. Golf Ave., Tempe, AZ 85282.

12.  How Will I Know if the Privacy Policy Is Changed?  As CG may change this policy periodically, the most recent copy of the policy will be available on the website, and you are encouraged to visit the website to retrieve the latest copy of the policy.

This revision effective as of: 14 March 2011