Travel Process

Typical Concerns:
  • What documentation do I need and where can I obtain it?
  • What are some things I need to know about the travel process?
  • Visas  
Visas are required for all Ghanaian visitors except those belonging to the ECOWAS nations. Visas may be obtained at your local Ghanaian Embassy or High Commission. Visas take several weeks for processing so plan accordingly. They do offer express servicing for additional fees. You will need to have your visa with you upon entry into the country. 
To obtain a visa you will need to submit the following information to your Ghanaian Embassy or Commission:
  1. Visa application (1 original and 3 copies)
  2. Family History Form (1 original and 3 copies)
  3. Passport-sized photos (4 copies)
  4. Original Vaccination Certificate for Yellow Fever
  5. Flight Ticket or itinerary (4 copies) 
  6. Visa Fee
  7. Original Passport 
  • Health Certificate 
The Yellow Fever vaccination is required for entry into the county. Be sure to bring your Health Certificate to show that you have fulfilled this requirement. We also recommend consulting your doctor for any additional vaccines required by your home country. 
  • Passports 
You will need a government issued passport to enter Ghana and return home. We recommend making copies of your passport to leave at home and take with you in the event anything should happen to you or your passport. 
  • Packing 
For any electronics you may bring you will want to make sure you have an adaptor for 220/240 volts. Ghana uses the European style 3 pronged outlets. Ghana is a warm, tropical environment so you will want to leave your thermals at home and pack lighter clothing. Speaking of warm and tropical environments, insect repellant is a must. Anything you want with you, you need to bring with you. Don’t count on finding the products you want once you are in Ghana. 
  • Customs  
Ghana does not permit visitors to leave their country with more than 500 cedis in currency. Anything in excess of 500 should be spent or exchanged to avoid confiscation. The importation and exportation of gold, diamonds and other precious resources are strictly regulated. Moving these goods through customs without the proper license is illegal. 
  • Calling Ghana     
While in Ghana, all local calls are 10 digits and begin with “0”. For example,”0308-XXX-XXX”. When calling Ghana internationally, you will use the county code of “233” and drop the “0” from the local number; “233-308-XXX-XXX”. 
  • Consider Joining WARA Before Traveling
The West African Rescue Associaion (WARA) advertises first world emergency and medical support serivices to its members.  Many of the major companies employing expatriates have enrolled their employees.  You must be a WARA member before traveling as their services may not be available on an emergency basis. WARA Services

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