Touring Ghana

Typical Concerns:
  • What is there to see in Ghana?
  • What are the main attractions? 
Ghana offers a wide variety of attractions for thrill seekers of all types. From beach-side getaways or wildlife reserves to historic castles; Ghana’s tourism industry is booming with adventure! April through to August is marked by the rainy season.
  • Eco Tourism 
Eco Tourism has greatly expanded throughout Ghana to become one of the most alluring aspects of Ghana’s tourism. Due to the efforts of protection and preservation, there are now several national reserves which may be enjoyed by the general public without endangering the environment. Enjoy the incredible wildlife at any number of Ghana’s national parks or animal sanctuaries. Waterfalls, lakes, and botanical gardens are an impressive detour if you have the opportunity.
  • History and Culture 
Ghana’s history and culture naturally play a significant role in shaping Ghana’s tourist industry. Coastal castles evidence the era of European Colonization. Museums and Cultural Centers pay tribute to the regional tribes and communities.  Ghanaian festivals and traditions span the calendar in celebration of both the past and the present. Throughout your visit you will be welcomed by a cheerful and pleasant people who are very easy going and soft-spoken. 
  • Arts and Crafts 
Ghana’s arts and crafts attract much interest and praise. The hand crafted production of beads, masks, apparel, carvings, etc are showcased in local markets. Accra’s colossal Makola Market show cases thousands of crafts from all over the country. You will find that each of Ghana’s regions claim unique hand crafts of their own. The Ashanti region is considered the country’s hub of artistry. 
  • Recreation: 
Beaches are a national favorite for recreation and relaxation. Along with the sand and waves, you may consider boating, fishing, skiing and more. Nightlife is lively and casual. Several beach resorts will also provide entertainment such as music concerts or dancing. The tropical ambiance makes Ghana’s costal region a perfect escape to paradise.
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