Telecommunications Infrastructure

Typical Concerns:
  • Fixed line penetration is low with the service providers being Vodafone Ghana and Airtel.
  • Cell phone penetration in Ghana is currently 91%.
  • Major Infrastructure Changes

There are now two more submarine cables from Main One and GLO 1 with 1,920GB and 640GB respectively. This represents an increase of more than 20 times in capacity.  WACS, with a capacity of 3,840GB is expected to land in 2012. These cables will provide competition that will drive prices down.  Rates should begin to decrease and distribution infrastructure completes. 
Most MobileNetwork Operators (MNO) are building their own national telecom fiber networks.
Facilities sharing by providers will help bring down the cost of bandwidth.
Initiatives from GIFTEL will increase supply to underprivileged areas.
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