Typical Concerns:
  • What are the personal and business tax rates in Ghana?
  • How do tax rates in Ghana compare with other countries?
  • What are the tax regulatory bodies in Ghana?
  • Who are the qualified tax experts in Ghana?
  • Why do I need a qualified tax expert?
  • How do I find qualified tax experts?
  • Personal and business tax rates

The PKF Ghana Tax Guide and other links below outline the various tax rates in detailed form.

  • Comparative tax rates

Doing Business in Ghana - Paying Taxes the World Bank outlines Ghana's tax rates in comparison to other economies.  Doing Business in Ghana - Rankings shows Ghana ranked 78th lowest of 183 economies in paying taxes.

  • Tax regulatory bodies

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is the umbrella taxing agency. The Ghana Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Customs Excise and Preventative Service (CEPS), and Value Added Tax (VAT) all operate under this umbrella.

  • Qualified tax experts

Qualified Tax experts include Chartered Accountants and Tax Attorneys. There is a plentiful supply of qualified tax experts ranging from sole practioners to all the large multinational firms.  

  • Why an expert?

It requires considerable expertise to make certain that tax payments are made for the right amount, at the right time, and include all of the potential deductions and credits. Tax experts are also important in planning and budgeting phases. In addition to locating a tax expert, GRA has help desks in all of its local offices.

  • Locating tax expert

Chambers of Commerce and Attorneys are good referral sources for tax experts

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