Schools for Expatriates

Typical Concerns:
  • What type of education is available for expatiate children?
  • International Education
There are several excellent schools in Ghana. The Ghanaian education system mirrors the British education system and it relatively well established. Most expatriates have their children attend international day schools. There are several available in Ghana, but most are concentrated in Accra. You will be able to find schools that adhere to various international curriculums including; British, American, French, Islamic, Dutch, and German, though the majority are British. You will also find that most of the international schools provide education for a wide age range including Nursery & Pre-school (ages 2-4), Primary School (ages 4-11), and Secondary School (ages 11-18). Some schools offer the high quality International Baccalaureate (IB) system for grades 11-12. With the exception of the Dutch school, International schools do not place limitations on nationality or religion. The demand is high, and so many of the international schools have waiting lists
  • Accreditation 
We recommend that you evaluate the certifications and accreditations of each of these schools. A handful of institutions provide accreditations for international schools. A few notable affiliations include the Council of International Schools, the Association of International Schools in Africa, and the Middle States Association of Colleges. National governments also provide accreditations for schools. 
  • Schools


 American International School
 Lincoln Community School
 British International School 
 East Airport International School
 Galaxy International School
 Ghana International School
 MultiKids Academy
 Tema International School
 The Roman Ridge School
 International Community School, Kumasi
 German Swiss International School
 Ecole Jacques Prevert
 Al-Rayaan International School
 De Nederlandse School te Ghana
IB Only
 SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College
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