Crime and Safety

Typical Concerns:
  • How do I avoid being impacted by crime or other personal hazards?
  • General Safety 
Ghana is a relatively safe country for the prudent traveler.  The level of crime against tourists is relatively low. For the most part, one should feel very relaxed and confident as long as adequate precautions are taken. Like any country the focus should be on knowing what times, locations, and environmental situations constitute danger.  Chambers of Commerce can be very helpful in this type of guidance.  
  • Take Precautions
When traveling internationally, it is recommended that you make photo copies of your passport and other essential documents. Leave a copy at home and take a copy with you. Upon arrival, register with your Embassy or Consulate to ensure they are aware of your visit in the event of an emergency.  It’s also wise to familiarize yourself with your neighbors and neighborhood. Knowing your environment will allow you to move about more confidently. 
  • Use Common Sense 
Be mindful of presenting yourself as affluent. Wearing costly apparel, using expensive electronics in public, or showing too much cash when shopping can make you a target. When you are out and about, remember that there is safety in numbers. Traveling in a group will eliminate many risks. Keeping cars and homes locked is a given. There are several security companies in Ghana that can install alarm systems for cars and homes. 
  • Things to Avoid
Avoid the beaches at night or dawn when they are most quiet and there is limited help in the event trouble finds you. It’s a good idea to avoid secluded areas all together. On the other hand, be careful in extremely crowded and noisy areas where pick-pocketing would be easily accomplished. Some areas to avoid in Accra and Kumasi (evenings especially) include: Kwame Nkrumah Circle near the Ghana Commercial Bank, Kawukudi Junction near Accra Girl’s Senior High School, Shiashie Roundabout/Station, Tema Station, Tema Motorway, IPS Legon Junction to IPS school gate, Madina Atomic Junction bypass to Zongo Junction
  • Emergency Contacts
We recommend that you obtain the contact information for the local emergency response services as well as your country’s embassy or consulate. 
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