Typical Concerns:
  • What is Ghana’s religious composition? 
  • Where can I find opportunities for worship?  
  • Religious Composition 
Ghanaians on the whole are a very devoted and faithful people. Religion is an important aspect of Ghanaian life. It is estimated that 69% of the population claims some denomination of Christianity. The Muslim population is concentrated in the country’s North, and is thought to comprise 16% of the population (though some believe this percentage to be much higher). The remaining population claims a variety of religions such as the Baha'i Faith, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Nichiren Shoshu Soka Gakkai, Sri Sathya Sai Baba Sera, Sat Sang, Eckankar, the Divine Light Mission, Hare Krishna, Rastafarianism, and traditional religions. Despite the dominance of Christianity and Islam, indigenous religions are still maintained and practiced. The indigenous religions generally center on a supreme being accompanied by lesser gods and a vivid connection between our world and the spirit world. 
  • Worship
Whatever your creed, it will not be difficult to find a welcoming community of believers. There are online resources available for locating various congregations. See the links below. You may also use a phone directory upon arrival. Ghana is truly unique in that peoples of all religious faiths are able to work together cohesively with great respect for other religious beliefs.
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