Political Neutrality

Typical Concerns:
  • What do businesses need to understand about political party affiliation?
  • What are the dangers of no political party affiliation?
  • How do I find a balanced solution to political neutrality?
  • Political Affiliation
Unlike many northern hemisphere countries, a strong political party affiliation can be disastrous to businesses working in Ghana. Businesses are readily designated as a NDC-party or NPP-party company, based on political support. The top management positions of the various government agencies change when a new political party comes to power. Strong political affiliation can result in loss of contracts, payment issues, loss of credibility and marketing strength when the political party in power changes. We recommend that you avoid political rallies and open sponsorship.
  • No Affiliation
There is also a danger in not establishing a strong working relationship with the party in power. It is difficult to run a business without the support of key government agencies. It is easy for you to be viewed as against their political party.
  • How do I find balance?
We recommend that you maintain strong affiliations with intermediaries that can support your position with the government. These intermediaries and support groups include chambers of commerce, trade associations, and well connected attorneys. They should be able to guide you on when to be involved and when not to be involved in political affiliations.
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