Loan Rates

Typical Concerns:
  • How expensive are loan rates in Ghana?
  • How difficult are business loans to obtain?
  • Who can assist me with loan packages?
  • Loan Rates
As of May 22, 2013 the prime bank rate in Ghana is 16%. (See Bank of Ghana Interest Rates ). There is concern that with the rapid economic growth caused by the future oil production that base lending rates may remain high. Investors from abroad who have their own foreign sources of capital will not be affected by the high rates or may benefit from investing in Ghana financial instruments.
  • Loan Underwriting
Because of the high percentage of non-performing loans, business can expect even stricter underwriting guidelines on loans from Ghanaian banks. Extremely small business enterprises can find microfinance lending. Very large businesses may qualify for direct loans from the International Finance Corporation (IFC).
  • Who can help me?
Chartered accountants can be an excellent source of assistance with loan packages in Ghana. Chambers of commerce may also be of assistance in this process.
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