Investment Incentives

Typical Concerns:
  • What types and amounts of investment incentives are available in Ghana?
  • What organizations are helpful in the administration of these incentives?
  • Incentive Types
Ghana investment incentives can include:
- All parcels are required to have a parcel declaration or a green label affixed to them.
- Tax holidays
- Capital allowances
- Location incentives (tax rebates)
- Corporate tax rates
- Exemption from income tax
- Loss carry-over
- Exemption from minimum chargeable income tax
- Capital expenditure for research and development
- Withholding tax
- Immigration quota
- Investment guarantees.
Because these laws are complex and subject to change, we recommend that you rely on chartered accountants and attorneys with appropriate understanding of investment law for advice. The links below give investment incentive details, but should not be relied on without checking with qualified professional attorneys and chartered accountants.
  • Who can help me?
The Ghana Investment and Promotion Centre (GIPC) has a statutory charge to assist companies desiring to invest in Ghana. Because of complexities of the investment laws, we recommend that you rely on qualified chartered accountants and attorneys with an understanding of these laws. Some detailed interpretations are found in the links below.
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Cal Brokers Limited
Envaserv Research Consult
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