Internet Capacities

Typical Concerns:
  • Internet costs are currently high, although they are the cheapest in West Africa.  It is anticipated that rates will decrease significantly as increased capacites from Main One and Glo 1 submarine cables become available to end users.
  • Many remote areas do not have internet/telecom capacity.  80% of the current demand is within the golden triangle – Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi.
  • Current internet penetration is less than 5% of population and PC penetration is less than 3% of population.
  • High cost of end user devices acts as a barrier to internet usage.
  • Monumental Capacity Change
There are now two more submarine cables Main One and GLO 1 with 1,920GB and 640GB respectively. This represents an increase of more than 20 times in capacity.  WACS, with a capacity of 3,840GB is expected to land in 2012. These cables will provide competition that will drive prices down.
Wireless internet access is available from all six mobile network operators. These products range from WiMAX, CDMA, GPRS to 3G.  There are almost 30 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in operation who retail both wireless and wireline internet solutions.
Major fiber optic loops will soon be completed which will connect the Northern and many remote sections of the country.  Internet usage will likely increase dramatically through the use of cell phone devices, as Ghana has a cell phone penetration greater than 65%.
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