Typical Concerns:
  • How do I find desirable apartments or homes for rent or purchase?
  • Housing Market 
Like many emerging economies, Ghana has seen considerable disparity in wealth. This disparity is clearly illustrated in Ghana’s housing market where you will find some mansions among humble dwellings with little in between. This has been changing as Ghana’s economy emerges. The middle class is beginning to expand, increasing the demands for mid range housing. Ghana has long dealt with a housing shortage which is now being met by home builders, both foreign and domestic, who are developing well-planned communities. There is also a trend to convert old properties into suitable family dwellings and condos. Despite these efforts to create more housing, the demand is still high. Housing in Ghana will not be as inexpensive as one might hope. 
  • Buying & Renting 
There is a high demand for rental properties in Ghana. Home buying has traditionally been an issue for most Ghanaians who cannot buy homes in cash but are also not eligible for a mortgage which increases the demand for rentals. Additionally, most expatriates in need of housing are not looking for long term investments and are renting. Since the demand is high, many land lords will expect a considerable down payment in order to rent property.  We recommend you do a fair amount of investigating properties before you enter into contracts. There are several excellent realtors who are capable of helping you relocate. The resources links below are for housing listings in Ghana. If you are looking to buy, we recommend that you also work with a realtor. Mortgages may be obtained through Ghanaian banks as well as through your own national bank. 
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