Expatriate Transitions

Typical Concerns:
  • What helpful tips do I need to know about living in Ghana?
  • General
Ghana is an inviting place to live. People are soft spoken, kind and readily offer friendship and support. There are thousands of expatriate families living in Ghana, most of which are concentrated in Accra, Takoradi (because of oil) and mining areas like Obuasi, Tarkwa.. Expatriates enjoy their neighbors, schools, and community.
  • Household Help
Expatriate families typically employ at least one Ghanaian to assist with household responsibilities. Hiring help is affordable and often necessary. Services include driving, cleaning, lawn care, child care, and cooking. Your staff will also offer valuable information regarding local customs and way of life. You should carefully select your staff. Many expatriates will seek out recommendations from other expatriate families in order to secure staff. It is not uncommon to request that your staff members submit to an initial medical health screening before they begin working in your home. When it comes to salaries, you will need to negotiate the price and stick to it because staff members may ask for loans or cash advances. However, it is nice to offer occasional bonuses.
  • Shopping
You should not expect to find all of the items you need from one shop. You also should not expect to find many of the products and brands you are accustomed to. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of shopping in Ghana is that you will need to be prepared to bargain with sellers. Rarely should you anticipate paying the asking price.
Grocery shopping can be done at:
- Maxmart
- Marina shopping mall
- Shoprite
- Game
- Koala
- Melcom
  • Etiquette
It is important to extend proper respect by greeting people with a handshake and acknowledging them as “Mr. Ms. Mrs.” unless instructed otherwise. The left hand shouldn’t be used for greetings or offerings as this often denotes disrespect.
  • Entertainment
Ghana offers several opportunities for entertainment. Movies and music are not difficult to find. Performing arts are a valued part of their culture and can be enjoyed at the cultural centers. Soccer/football games are high energy and unforgettable. The local nightlife is active and exciting in the major cities. Best of all are the colorful national festivals which will delight and captivate.


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