Typical Concerns:

  • How long does it take to obtain utility services?
  • What problems can I expect related to utilities?

  • What are the solutions to utility related problems?
  • What is the cost of utility service?


  • How to Obtain Service

Length of time for installation of electrical and water service often depends on the availability of equipment and manpower. It is not unusual to take a month for installation of gas and water. Telephone and internet service can also take in excess of a month.

  • Expected Problems

Electrical – outages are common, although less frequent and shorter in duration than in past years. Solar can be a backup electrical source, but by far the most common solution to this problem is the use of backup electrical generators at home or work.

Water –  recommend bottled or purified water for drinking rather than drinking from the tap.

Telephone and internet – connections can also have outages. A huge new influx of bandwidth to Ghana should provide greater stability and a dramatic reduction in cost.

  • Cost of Utilities

The cost of utilities can often be gathered from the previous property owner. The utilities, real estate agents and developers, chambers of commerce and chartered accountants can assist with this cost information

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