Credit Card Services

Typical Concerns:
  • What are the credit card limitations in Ghana?
  • How can I expand usage of my credit cards?
  • What are alternative options?
  • Credit Card Limitations
Because of extensive credit card fraud, the use of credit cards in Ghana is very limited. Typically you can use your VISA credit cards at major hotels and restaurants. American Express is often accepted at the same locations. MasterCard and Diners Club usage is definitely limited. There is often a geographic restriction on credit card usage in Ghana so you should contact your credit card company ahead of travel and let them know of anticipated usage. Restaurants and hotels will typically take a physical imprint of the card and call the credit card for clearance. This presents additional risk of credit card theft.
  • How do I Expand Usage?
We are negotiating with major credit card service companies for a major break-through solution.
  • Alternative Options
Cell phones are being used to transfer money within Ghana. Aritel is leading the cell phone money transfer.  ATMs can also be used to withdraw funds using Debit Cards (Most ATMs have a 400 Cedi limit). Travellers Cheques can be exchanged at most major hotels, Forex Bureau and banks.
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