Telephone Communications

Typical Concerns: 
  • How do I make a phone call from another country into Ghana?
  • What is the cheapest telephone communication from Ghana?
  • How do I avoid expensive roaming charges while in Ghana?
  • What do I do if I have trouble with my phone connection to Ghana?
  • Dialing Ghana
Dialing from North America to Ghana can take a few minutes to understand.  Detailed instructions are given by the No Worries! website.  Ghana has a fairly high cell phone penetration of 65%, with a variety of providers.
  • Cheapest Dialing
This calling network provides a sound and inexpensive way to call while in Ghana.  The ACCRAEXPATwebsite gives solid information about the various cellular networks.  GLO should be a very strong cellular option now that it has launced.  
  • Avoiding Roaming
Roaming Charges of up to $5 per minute can accumulate on your cell phone while in Ghana.  It is usually cheaper to purchase an inexpensive phone for $30-40 and purchase prepaid minutes.  VOIP communication systems are available between Ghana and abroad.  
  • Bad Connection
The long term solution will be the increased capacity and infrastructure that will be added to Ghana as a result of the Main One and Glo 1 submarine cables. .  In the meantime, you might try dialing again.  Sometimes you can reach Ghana more effectively using Skype.
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