Auto Purchase and Maintenance

Typical Concerns:
  • What is the best way to acquire a vehicle in Ghana?
  • How difficult is vehicle maintenance in Ghana?
  • Acquiring a Vehicle
Our recommendation is that you purchase a vehicle from a reputable dealer in Ghana. Most will find that the advantages of purchasing a vehicle locally outweigh the advantages or attempting to personally import a vehicle.  Personally imported vehicles have the disadvantage of uncertain customs fees, uncertain timing of shipping and customs release, verhicles that may not be customized for this climate or road condistions as well as parts availability and maintenatnce issues. Vehicles purchased from reputable dealers have the advantage of warranties, factory customization for the local climate and road condition.   
  • Vehicle Mainenance

Competent vehicle maintenance is available in Ghana.  There is a great advantage is the vehicle you are using is currently being sold by dealers in your area.  Maintenance operations of the various dealers are managed well.  Most parts are available locally.  If needed parts can usually be imported within two to three business days.

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