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Typical Concerns:
  • What is the most efficient and cost effective way to register a business in Ghana?
  • What are the steps to register a business in Ghana?
  • Why types of entity registrations are available?
  • What information is required?
  • Attorneys, Chartered Accountants and Registration Firms
We strongly recommend the use of law firms, chartered accountants or registration firms to complete the registration process in Ghana. These firms vary greatly in registration experience, expertise and cost. Many firms are not timely in responses or actions so it is important to select firms with proven track records in the registration process. Government processes are usually not automated so firm relationships with the registration offices are also important.  Other subsequent business legal needs can be factored into selection of the registration firm.
  • Business Registration Steps
The World Bank has identified the following eight registration steps.
  1. Check for availability of company name and submit company documents to obtain an incorporation certificate. (1 day)
  2. A Commissioner of Oaths authenticates forms required for the certificate to commence business. (1 day)
  3. Obtain from the Registrar-General’s Department the certificate to commence business. (2 days)
  4. The following documents must be presented to deposit paid-in capital in a bank account: copy of company regulations, certificate of incorporation, certificate to commence business, and signatures of the authorized company representatives (1 day)
  5. Apply for business license at the Metropolitan Authority. (7 days)
  6. Obtain inspection of work premises from the Metropolitan Authority. (1 day)
  7. Apply for social security. (1 day)
  8. Obtain an environmental certificate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). (25 days)
Most entities are also required to register with the GhanaInvestment Promotion Centre (GIPC).
See GIPC Registration for steps and associated fees, and registration forms.
  • Types of Entities
Industry specialists have offered the following material about types of business entities:
Introduction – Law Trust Company
Detailed explanation – Beyuo Jumu & Company
  • Required Information:
Solution providers have provided the following checklist of information required for registration:
General Registration Guidelines–Law Trust Company
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